Get a professional website using the information you post on your facebook page

Introducing Syncsites

A flexible new alternative to the classical website

We believe it should be simple to get a simple website

The process of setting up and maintaining a website is costly, time-consuming, and not at all straightforward. Whether you work with web designers or decide to customize your own template, you are likely to spend thousands of dollars and endless hours trying to look good and stay up to date on the web.

Our aim is to make websites affordable & hassle-free for all

Your syncsite is your website minus all the hassle


Set-up your facebook page and get your branded, mobile-ready site, up and running in no time. Nothing to design. No content to create.


Continue to maintain your facebook page and forget about your site. It updates itself automatically. No webmasters or CMS involved.


No recurring fees, no maintenance fees, 5 years of hosting and a price that is super hard to beat even if you use a build-it-yourself service.

  • Pretty much all you have to do...

    Sign up with Synclop

    Make sure your business has a facebook page

    Select the content you would like to send to your site by adding "#website" to your post

  • What you won't ever have to do...

    Configure a template

    Program or design anything

    Pay recurrent fees

    Contact a webmaster to update your site

Long live creative geekiness

  • Team Member

    Jad Sarout

    Obsessive Coder, character designer, gamer, university professor, compulsive problem solver, and idealistic fool.

    Team Member

    Sally Amirza

    Aerospace engineer, writer, communication strategist, compulsive problem solver, and idealistic fool.

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